Our team is actively involved in clinical research, primarily in the field of acute stroke management:

  • Local investigator-initiated projects

  • Multicentre investigator-initiated studies from other Canadian and international researchers

  • Multicentre industry-initiated studies

We generate approximately 20 publications annually (collective H-index 84)

Current projects lead by the CHUM Neurovascular Health Program

EASI-TOC (Endovascular Acute Stroke Intervention - Tandem OCclusion)

Multicentre randomised controlled trial of acute carotid stenting during thrombectomy in patients with tandem occlusion


Principal investigator: Dr Alexandre POPPE

BASiS (Biomarkers in Acute Stroke Study)

Study of plasmatic biomarkers of cerebrovascular disease in patients with suspected acute stroke

Principal Investigator: Dr Laura GIOIA

MONSTER (MOntreal Neurovascular and STroke Repository)

Electronic medical record repository reporting on our neurovascular clinical activity (neurovascular emergencies, thrombolysis, thrombectomy, hospitalisations, outpatient clinic, etc.) to allow for quality assurance

Supervisor: Dr Christian STAPF

COVID-19 and Stroke

Single-centre prospective cohort study examining the characteristics, management and prognosis of acute stroke patients treated at CHUM during the COVID-19 pandemic. Publications

Principal Investigator: Dr Alexandre POPPE, Dr Joel NEVES BRIARD (Neurology resident)


Research program studying procedural sedation, patient and operator comfort during thrombectomy.

Principal Investigator: Dr Grégory JACQUIN


Multicentre, international, retrospective study comparing stroke patients selected by MRI versus CT-CTA for thrombectomy.

Principal Investigators: Dr Alexandre POPPE, Dr Célina DUCROUX (Fellow)



Principal Investigators: Dr Celine Odier

Multicentre Studies

Visiting Professors