Congratulations to Dr George Mendes who completed a productive one-year fellowship with us! George will be continuing at CHUM with a two-year neurointerventional fellowship, so he won't be far!

Congratulations to the entire CHUM Neurovascular Health Program for successfully renewing our Accreditation Canada Stroke Distinction (2023)! We are proud to continue offering the best care to stroke patients while continuing to innovate and advance the field!

A warm welcome to our new fellow, Dr George Mendes from Brazil who will be with us at CHUM for three years! (2023-07)

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Laura Gioia for being awarded a 3-year Heart and Stroke grant for her project BASiS-LVO! (2023-05)

A warm welcome to our new fellow, Dr Pamela Correia from Switzerland who will be with us at CHUM for one year! (2023-03)

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Alexandre Poppe for being awarded a 2-year catalyst grant from Bran Canada-Heart and Stroke-Canadian Stroke Consortium for his multicentre trial, EASI-TOC! (2023-03)

CONGRATULATIONS to our graduating fellow, Dr Juan Pablo Millan Sandoval! It has been a pleasure to contribute to your training and best of luck continuing to advance stroke care in Colombia! (2022-12)

Opening of the CardioF-Neurovasc Clinic, unique in Quebec and dedicated to women's neurovascular health. Co-founded by our colleague, Dr Olena Bereznyakova! (2022-09-07)

Dr. Louise-Hélène Lebrun, founder of our Neurovascular Health Program, was recently awarded the 2022 Award of Excellence – Persillier-Lachapelle Career Recognition Award from the Government of Quebec for her exceptional career and her contribution to the neurovascular health of all Quebecers. CONGRATULATIONS, Dr. Lebrun!  

With the unfortunate situation caused by the war in Ukraine, our colleague of Ukrainian origin, Dr. Olena Bereznyakova, is leading significant efforts to raise funds that will be used to purchase medical equipment for hospitals in Ukraine that are in great need. Our team is proud to support these means that will help the Ukrainian people.

CONGRATULATIONS to our two graduating fellows: Dr Célina Ducroux and Dr Walid Alesefir! It has been an immense pleasure to have you in our program and we wish you the best of luck in your future careers! (2021-12)

A warm welcome to our new fellow, Dr Juan Pablo Millan Sandoval from Colombia!

Our webinar on Retour sur les faits saillants du World Stroke Congress 2021 (November 11th, 2021) was a great success! Thank you to everyone who attended!

LOCOMOTIVE awarded the Prix Dr Sadok Besrour: Projets d'Innovation en apprentissage 2020-21

Generous donation from the Fondation Rayle-Gomery to the CHUM Neurovascular Health Program (2021) 

To support projects by our multidisciplinary team and fellowship training 

LOCOMOTIVE: A journey to recovery for stroke victims (2020)

In November 2020, the project was awarded the « Prix Hippocrate - Prix du Patient ». Locomotive was selected by the jury, composed entirely of patients, for it's innovative approach to patient care. 

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